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Sarah’s Dream

Sarah’s Dream

Sarah stood in the fog.  It smelled like strawberries.  A man sat on a park bench, reading a book.  Sarah walked slowly toward the bench, trying to make out the man’s face.  As she got closer, she recognized David, the annoying guy from the library.  She froze. He patted the bench and smiled.  Sarah sat […]


Anna stood in front of the full length mirror, twisting to get a look at her new bathing suit.  She smoothed her hands down her hips and exposed thighs, a smile on her face.  It was her first bathing suit since giving birth that didn’t have a skirt attached to it.  Months ago, when planning […]

Moonlight Sonata

The lightning flashed, illuminating her pale hands on the keyboard.  Eyes closed, she gently swayed back and forth as she played the Beethoven sonata.  The somber notes and the pounding rain on the roof a symphony of melancholy.  Then he was there, in the darkness, beside her on the piano bench.  He twirled a piece […]



“One out!”  The umpire cried as the pitcher got set to throw. “Strike one!” Sam shook his head.  Ump wouldn’t know a strike zone if it bit him in the ass.   “Good eye, Charlie!  Good eye!”  Sam yelled at his son, Charlie. Sam held his breath as the pitcher wound up. “Strike two!” Sam groaned. […]

Baby Chloe

Steve  came home from work to a Justin Bieber song blasting through the whole house.  He put down his briefcase and searched for his wife and daughter.  He found Emily leaning in the doorway of the living room.  “Emily!  What is this crap your listening to?”  he yelled. Emily turned around and threw her arms […]

Polishing My Tools: Writing Men

There’s a great online creative writing group called Write On Edge.  They provide information for writers, writing prompts, and fantastic community support.  There’s even a book club, of sorts, on the Twitter. Here’s the Red Writing Hood prompt for this week. This week, we’d like you to take an honest look in your toolbox and pull out one […]