Close Encounters

She sank into the depths of her memories. The vague impressions of concerned faces and screaming machines drifted away. The smell of the sea tickled her nose and then she was submerged, weightless in a calm sea, with no idea why or how, and beyond caring. The heaviness, the unbearable weight, of living was gone. […]

Yeah Write, The Speakeasy #111: Guilt

“The guilt was too much to bear.” Even Laura’s suicide note was a cliché. Mom found Laura at the bottom of the swimming pool, her body weighted down with rocks in her pockets like she was fucking Virginia Woolf, and not just your average, everyday junkie. What, exactly, did Laura feel guilt about– the drugs,the lying, the […]

On The Water

  My life began with a funeral.  My 17-year-old mama, nine months pregnant, in a boat, out on the lake to scatter the ashes of my dead father (because Uncle Billy said he would’ve liked that,) had been feeling pains all day. She thought it was gas. Uncle Billy wished it was gas. A flooded […]